The Bridge of Crytoasset to the Real World.

With familiar UX without private KEY concerns


CoinCustody is a company that provides total management solutions for crypto assets.

We provide an integrated solution for easy access, trading and asset portfolio management of all crypto assets, and enhanced the most secure custody service that can be managed under our own control, without having our crypto assets entrusted to a third party.

Our aim is to create a new ecosystem of digital trading protocol for various Dapps in the blockchain world and merge the virtual digital assets with the real world.

Our Key Features

CoinCustody simply created the most secured
multi-support crypto-vault,
convenient mobile wallet for exchange,
and useful payment services.

Secure Storage

State-of-the-art cryptography
using secure MPC.
Self-sovereign identity
on the Crypto-asset.

Simple Exchange

Integrate various Blockchain
network and Exchanges.
Extremely low cost and precision
trading between Blockchains.

Ubiquitous Payment

A sort of Debit Card service
based on Crypto-asset.
Available anytime, anywhere
just like a normal card.

Enjoy the best
UX and Security  combined together

MINT Card is a new private key
storage service that is completely separate
from the online environment.

Manage your crypto assets more securely.

The simplest and the most onvenient Cryptoasset Wallet

Sign up for a free MINT Wallet on iOS or Android
and go through our easy verification process.

Manage for major Blockchain and major Exchanges !

We also make sure it’s stored safely,
and easy to send to friends.

The foundation of our technology

Multi-party computation involves data distributed across multiple nodes and authorities.
Each node and authority has its own rules and data sharing policies.
We provide a stability at the bank-level in Cryptoasset trading using by MPC technology.

Our Team

Momo Yun

CEO & Tech. Leader

Hannah Song

UX/UI Leader

Sung Ho, Lee

Marketing Leader

Dan Kwon

Legal/Patent Advisor

Our Partners